Welcome to the 21st SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium, to be held 12-14 July 2015 in Nisyros, Greece.

This symposium will be jointly organised with the 4th International Exergy, Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Workshop & Symposium. 

The overarching theme  of the conference is 

Exergy analysis, Life cycle assessment (LCA) and Sustainability assessment (LCSA): Method development and case studies.  

  • Thermodynamic (energy, exergy, entropy) process optimization
  • Process integration Industrial ecology, Industrial symbiosis
  • Sectorial energy and exergy utilization
  • Environmental footprint of products and organisations
  • Renewable energy & bio-based products
  • Smart energy systems & Smart buildings
  • Urban metabolism & circular economy
  • Resource efficiency & energy conservationi)       
  • Low carbon systems & climate change mitigation methods

Registration will be open on Saturday 11 July from 17.00 - 19.00 hrs and on Sunday from 9.00 - 10.00 hrs.

This meeting is kindly sponsored by IVL